Date Banana Milkshake

Date Banana Milkshake
I guess I am the only host who is so late for her own event. A very hectic work schedule left me with zero time for any other activity. I don't have enough words to express my apologies. Thank you for bearing with me.

During college as a B.E grad in Comp.Sci, the grueling lab sessions under the hawk like supervision of Dr.T.Chockalingam, our revered HOD left us with binary 1s and 0s even in our dreams. I am not kidding…Those were the days of Pascal, C and C++ and of course their visual counterparts. That meant lots of memory dumps, pointer errors and memory segmentation..And when you are programming in a Linux environment with a Vi editor, all that you get is a black screen with white letters. And when your program whines about the above said problems, the black screen spews out a slew of binary curses! Now, tell me won't that give you nightmares when you have a deadline breathing down your neck and 25 marks of your exam paper hanging on for dear life… Well, I was in a similar situation with my work for the past few weeks...

I am sure all you techies out there will know what I am talking about..To the rest of you, my friends, I sincerely apologize for a boring paragraph! On to the subject now...

Dates..Good Old dates…Sweet, sometimes sticky and loaded with nutrients. In my grandma's village, once a week, a scrap vendor used to come and you get dates in exchange for any scrap piece of metal…That's cool, isn’t it?

Apart from muching on dates now and then, I normally tend to make a milk shake using dates and banana. It's an instant energy booster.


Ripe Banana - 1

Dates - 8 or 9

Milk - 1 Cup

Vanilla Icecream - 2 scoops

Warm the dates for 10 secs or so in the microwave or soak them in a little hot water for 10 mins. This helps to soften the dates. Blend the dates first till smooth and then add the rest of the ingredients and blend again.

Increase the quantity of dates for a sweeter shake. You can omit the ice cream and make the milkshake with milk alone.

Dear friends, I will post the AFAM-Dates roundup in a day or two.


Nags said…
looks really really yummy!!! :D
Manasi said…
Nice one!!! Nothing better when u r loaded with work and need an energy booster!!!
haha.. I totally understand what u r trying to say... Take ur time, girl!! you shake looks really filling!!! Lovely pic.
Shella said…
That looks like one healthy and delicious glass of milk.
Don't worry Chandika...will come back again. have a great new year!
Shankari said…
Better late then never , right? SO dont worry, Take your time.
the date shake looks yum, I would omit the ice cream like you say
Sagari said…
yummy yummy milkshake happy holidays
Shivapriya said…
Delicious, Happy new year to you and your family chandrika.
Linda said…
Happy New Year Chandrika! Look forward to all those yummy dates whenever you get to them :)

I took Cobol long long ago... gosh it sounds similar! ;)
zlamushka said…
Happy New Year, Chandrika :-) I wish you tons of successful experiments in the kitchen.

I love shakes!
Kajal said…
This is very healthy milkshake and also nice taste with date. I think you are very busy in your life. Good wishes for 2008 :)
Menu Today said…
Hi Chandrika,
Awesome looking shake.
Poonam said…
I have never tried dates in my milkshake. Looks wonderful!
Mythreyee said…
Happy New Year!

This is a wonderful healthy drink especially for kids. Thanks for sharing and innovating this awesome combo.
candies said…
Looks Yum! Btw, as you have mentioned Dr.Chockalingam and BE comp.sci..did by any chance did your BE in of engg,tirunelveli?
Vani said…
Wow, it looks great! visiting your blog first time.. very nice recipes..

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